Dan’s first blog (how do I do this thing??)

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that has supported Charmaine and I through this entire adventure. Without you guys, we would just be another couple who sleeps in on Sundays and drinks coffee for the heck of it! With all kidding aside, we have seen some amazing support and hope to continue to bring some amazing pictures, adventures, and hopefully a few more witty (and hilarious, of course) jokes to the blog.

My first real experience with photography came in high school when I took two photography classes. I learned all about film – how to shoot, how to process, different techniques – everything. We dabbled a bit in digital photography, but mainly focused on film. Fast forward a few years (busy with school and work), and I decided to buy a drone. I’m sure most of you know the story behind this, so I won’t DIVE too deep (pun intended, if you catch my drift) into the details, but I eventually became afraid of losing another drone to the drink and decided to sell it.

You can probably guess the next step in my life – I bought a DSLR! Through many purchases and sales of various equipment such as cameras and lenses, I finally have a comfortable arsenal that allows me to capture some beautiful imagery. Getting comfortable with your equipment – just like in my profession of being a paramedic – allows the greatest success, no matter what you’re after.

I want to share just a few of my favorite pictures, ranging from when I was first starting out to my most recent project. Though equipment has come and gone, the art of composing and framing has been one constant that I, as well as any photographer, will continue to master throughout their lifetime.

Again, thank you all for your continued support. We love hearing from each and every one of you, and we look forward to bringing you more stories from our exciting adventures!


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