Our trip to Maine.. better late than never right?

Happy Monday! I realized it’s probably time to share our trip to Maine. Let me just start by saying if you have never been there, GO! It is absolutely beautiful!

October 10th, we flew into Portland, Maine and headed north to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. As it was raining and already dark, we decided to find somewhere to eat, get some sleep, and wake up early ready to go. We woke up the next morning to more rain. Determined to make the most of it, we trekked through Acadia National Park scoping out where we wanted to go the following day in which we were promised sun. After a hike in the rain that lead to a view of fog and a few fall colors, we decided the park wasn’t in our plans for the rest of the day.

We awoke day two in Maine to a little sun, but no rain. Hooray! Photographer happy dance! We went to breakfast and it was off to Acadia! Within five minutes of the guard shack we came across this.


As a girl who grew up with little fall, I was instantly in awe! After playing around here for a bit, we went a little further, passed Sand Beach, and landed at this beautiful rocky coast.



I don’t know about you, but this is what I imagine heaven to be like. We spent quite a bit of time not only taking pictures, but just sitting out on these rocks listening to the waves crash below. From here, we continued on Park Loop Road, with the occasional stop for a picture or two, until we reached Jordan Pond. By the time we reached Jordan Pond, the wind had picked up and the breeze was a little chilly. However, it was totally worth it for this view.

Acadia 3.jpg

We were just about to call it a day when we decided to scope out a place where the Milky Way might be visible (forever star-gazing remember?). We decided to venture up Cadillac Mountain when we hit this spot.


Having found our spot, we ventured back into Bar Harbor to explore the little shops. After the sun went down, we decided to order a pizza from a local restaurant with amazing reviews and headed out to see the Milky Way. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!


The next morning we left Bar Harbor and drove down the coast on Route 1 to head back to Portland. While in Portland, we ate delicious food, shopped in Old Port, visited breweries, and saw many lighthouses. Our first night in Portland, we drove five minutes from where we were staying to Bug Light at sunset.


This little park was so cute and peaceful with not many people. While we visited Bug Light a few other times, we also spent two sunrises at the Portland Head Light. We spent each morning on a different side of the lighthouse, both of which were perfect.

If I could spend the first moments of my morning here every day, I would be a very happy girl. I don’t care how cold I was, it was one hundred percent worth it. Our last night in Portland, we decided to go to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse and while the path out to the lighthouse was interesting, it was still amazing to walk all the way out to it.


Maine will forever hold a special place in my heart, and whether Dan likes it or not we WILL live there at some point in our lives.

Hopefully you enjoy the photos… and my rambling!


Dan’s first blog (how do I do this thing??)

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that has supported Charmaine and I through this entire adventure. Without you guys, we would just be another couple who sleeps in on Sundays and drinks coffee for the heck of it! With all kidding aside, we have seen some amazing support and hope to continue to bring some amazing pictures, adventures, and hopefully a few more witty (and hilarious, of course) jokes to the blog.

My first real experience with photography came in high school when I took two photography classes. I learned all about film – how to shoot, how to process, different techniques – everything. We dabbled a bit in digital photography, but mainly focused on film. Fast forward a few years (busy with school and work), and I decided to buy a drone. I’m sure most of you know the story behind this, so I won’t DIVE too deep (pun intended, if you catch my drift) into the details, but I eventually became afraid of losing another drone to the drink and decided to sell it.

You can probably guess the next step in my life – I bought a DSLR! Through many purchases and sales of various equipment such as cameras and lenses, I finally have a comfortable arsenal that allows me to capture some beautiful imagery. Getting comfortable with your equipment – just like in my profession of being a paramedic – allows the greatest success, no matter what you’re after.

I want to share just a few of my favorite pictures, ranging from when I was first starting out to my most recent project. Though equipment has come and gone, the art of composing and framing has been one constant that I, as well as any photographer, will continue to master throughout their lifetime.

Again, thank you all for your continued support. We love hearing from each and every one of you, and we look forward to bringing you more stories from our exciting adventures!


Forever Star Gazing

I have always had an affinity for the stars and their formations. I remember my step-dad pointing out the constellations and my sister and I laying on our trampoline with blankets looking at the stars. There is just something about the night sky and the amount of wonder that coincides.

While we are known to chase the full moon, we now are chasing one of the most well known galaxies–the Milky Way. Let me just say, it is absolutely beautiful to see in the night sky!


In October of 2017, Dan and I drove across the country to my side of the country for my Master’s graduation. Our first stop along the way was twenty-three hours from home to my family’s ranch in Marvel, Colorado. Dan was so excited to be in an area of lower light pollution and having a clear sky, that he went and set up in the middle of the dirt driveway as my grandma and I sat on the front porch by the fire and caught up with each other. This picture instantly became a favorite of mine and my family’s as it was not only beautiful, but taken in a place that means so much to us. This was our first Milky Way picture.

This picture began our journey chasing a galaxy. Dan is consistently checking to see if the Milky Way is visible in our area and if skies are clear in order to attempt to capture this beauty in the sky. This last Tuesday, we decided we were going to attempt another shot. We caught it, barely, but we caught it. We drove to one of our favorites spots on the edge of Mirror Lake and caught it just over the top of the trees! The only downside? I ended up with nearly twenty mosquito bites in ten minutes. TWENTY! Needless to say I was done after that. However, look at this picture! Worth the itchy swollen bumps that followed.

Milky way.jpg

This picture then spurred Dan to go adventure without me Saturday night to a few different places and HOLY CRAP! We are both so in love with these pictures!


With each new picture, I am even more intrigued by the beauty of the night sky. I can’t wait to continue star gazing with my best friend.


How this all started

Before we get going on this adventure, I figured I should shed some light on how it all started. Dan has been interested in photography since high school. Throughout the years he’s worked his way from a drone camera to a Canon 5D Mark IV. Me? I can take a pretty great iPhone picture! We met in March of 2017 and it didn’t take long to realize we were meant to be together. For the most part, the beginning of our relationship surrounded breakfast and what we called “adventure dates”. As someone who grew up in Arizona and had only moved to Wisconsin two years prior, I was open to going just about anywhere new to experience the beauty Wisconsin provides. These dates often turned into Dan taking pictures until he looked up and realized I had walked halfway down the river. What can I say? I don’t sit still very well.

Within a month of being together, we created a shared note in our phones titled “Adventure List” with everywhere we wanted to go and see (at least specific places because I’m sure we’d go just about anywhere) both in Wisconsin and out. While we’ve crossed a few off that list, we are still nowhere close to being done nor do I think we ever will be. Our relationship just feels like one big adventure with my best friend and I am excited to see where all it takes us!

But, back to the story. These little adventures of ours started to be what I looked forward to, and I loved that I had a personal photographer to document them! December 24th, 2017 Dan got down on one knee in the snow and asked me to marry him… as if I didn’t love Christmas enough already! While I was 99.9% sure he was the man I was meant to marry, that moment changed everything. It was no longer a hypothetical “we” for future planning, it was WE. All in. Everything.

With Dan’s love of photography and the versatility in which he shoots, we’ve been toying with the idea of taking this from a hobby to business for awhile. After talking it out, looking into what we would need to start, and some in depth research we decided to take the leap. We applied for our LLC, obtained a seller’s permit, and set up our shop on Etsy! It has been an exciting and nerve-wracking last week, but here we are!

While Dan is behind the lens, I plan on continuing to write. Writing on our adventures while showcasing his photography and hopefully providing some wonderful insight into new places for anyone who decides to read!


Our Adventure Begins

Welcome to Northern Star Photography LLC! We are a couple from Wisconsin who loves adventure and photography! Whether it is five minutes from our doorstep or across the country, we are always ready to experience new places and find the beauty in nature. We are slowly getting things together, but soon we will have a regular blog on this adventure of ours!